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The word saffron goes back as far as 10,000 years. Saffron is said to be derived from the word “zarparan” in Dari language of Afghanistan, which means a flower with its stigma valued at the same price as gold. It is pronounced differently in different languages. In Pashto and Arabic it is more…


Afghanistan’s thriving carpets and textiles trade is a legacy of the country’s rich craftsmanship, commercial history and diverse culture. World-renowned for their intricate designs, Afghan carpets reflect the heritage of cottage-based craftsmanship passed through generations of families. more…


According to British Geological Survey, Afghanistan has a great variety of precious and semi-precious stones with 73 records of mines, deposits, occurrences and showings. In fact, some of the earliest records of mining anywhere in the world are from Afghanistan, dating back more…

Dried Fruit

About 60 percent of the world’s dried fruits and nuts came from Afghanistan prior to 1980. As Afghan farmers continue to work toward rebuilding what was destroyed from years of war, with a great deal of international assistance, there is immense potential for Afghanistan to increase more…


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Afghanistan Business Council China (AFG-BCC), is an independent non-profit organisation promoting bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and China. AFG-BCC strives to play an active and influential role in fostering a healthy environment for trade, business and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and China through its corporate members, extensive regional knowledge, innovative business-to-business dialogue and strong government support. AFG-BCC aims to become the leading channel through which Chinese companies can find credible partners to do business in Afghanistan and encourage greater Chinese investment in some of Afghanistan’s most dynamic sectors such as mining, oil and gas, energy and power generation, telecommunication, transport and logistics, construction, agriculture, leisure and hospitality industry. As Afghanistan’s economy grows and Afghan businesses plan to diversify, AFG-BCC actively promotes China as an ideal location for Afghan businesses to invest and assists them in finding the perfect business sector and partners. Our extensive business networks, substantial experience and bilingual staff mean that all our efforts will be directed in the most efficient way to represent our member’s interests. In simple terms, AFG-BCC helps:
(1) Chinese companies interested in investing and doing business in Afghanistan.
(2) Afghan companies interested in investing and doing business in the China.


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Naseem Malekzai

Mr Malekzai started his basic education from Khost province. From his young age, he started working with many national and international organizations. Starting as Reporting Officer at UNOPS. After finding lucrative business opportunities in his native city, he quit his employment with United Nations and started running his own company. Mr.Malekzai’s dedication to work and his passionate personality lead his company turn into a group of companies. Dadwall Group international is the result of his hard work. The group includes Dadwal Travel and Tours and Dadwall logistics and transportation services. As holding rich experience in Chinese business affairs, Mr.Malekzai always wanted to bring the business communities of China and Afghanistan closer. He strongly believed that Chinese business community can play a significant role in fostering local economy of Afghanistan. This vision lead him to found Afghanistan Business Council in China. Through the council’s platform, Mr.Malekzai aspires to attract foreign direct investments from China, to provide investment opportunities for Afghan investors in China and to resolve the problems faced by the Afghan traders in China.
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Art Director
Wajdi is our Art Director
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Account Manager
Afghanistan Business Council China is a big company. Wajdi is our Account Manager
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Business Development
Afghanistan Business Council China is a big company. Wajdi is our Business Developer.


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